Friday, July 24, 2009

Brand New Phone

Hello ladies and gentelmen of the blog world, this is Javan and i am here to tell you about my new phone. It's not Net10 or Tracfone, it's a regular family plan phone and i got it for free. This phone does everything. It plays music,takes pictures, you can even go online ,but you have to pay extra for that. This is just what i wanted, At first it didn't look like the phone for me, but when it came in the mail i said, "YES!!"

Monday, July 6, 2009

Net10 or tracfone?

Hey everybody next month i am getting a new phone and i need your help?

Like the title says Net10 or Tracfone. Right now i have a Tracfone that i got for twenty dollars it was a pretty good deal, but like all teenagers say it's time for a upgrade. i don't know if i should go back to Tracfone or start over and go to Net10. To me net10 is the best choice for me. Tracfone and Net10 are both prepaid cell phones that carry minutes. Here are some of the features for both Phones.
Net10: Tracfone:
300 minutes for 30 dollars, 60 minutes for 20 dollars
cool new slider phone for 40 dollars, sleek slim phone for 15 dollars
wireless bluetooth, no wireless bluetooth
1.3 mega pixel camera, no camera
mp3 music player, no music
phonebook with up to 1000 entries, phonebook with up to 100 entries
download ringtones and news, download ringtones and news
FM radio, no radio
Those is just some of the features.
Tell me what you think!!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


A few days ago somthing very strange happend. The car broke down in the middle of the road. Not only did it stop working, smoke came out the hood and out all of the air vents. My mom turned the car off and jumped out the car. Then i jumped out very slowy i don't know why i just felt the need to go slow. The funniest thing was, out of all the other days i had my cell phone this just had to happen the day i didn't have my cell phone with me. It took one hour for us to get out the street and go home. I am just glad it wasn't a big crash!