Tuesday, May 12, 2009

mp3 player

Next month i am going to get a new mp3 player. Here are some of the features.

  • Watch movies, listen to music and even take pictures or video recordings — all on a large 2.4" screen
  • Revolutionary MP3 video player with built-in digital camera lets you watch hours of videos or listen to thousands of songs
  • Built-in speaker and memory card slot
  • 4GB flash memory stores up to 2300 songs, 20 hours of video or 5000 photos
  • MicroSD Memory card slot
  • Digital Video Recording - Records up to 70 Hours of Video
  • 7 different video modes, including Sepia, Black/White, Solaris and more
  • 2.4" Color display - allows you watch videos, movies, browse E-Books or other text documents
  • 2MP built-in digital camera with zoom
  • Sepia, Black/White, Binaries and more camera effects
  • Versatile playback - supports MP3, WMA, AVI, MP4, Jpeg, BMP, and more
  • Voice recorder - Built-in microphone allows you to record quick notes, lectures and playback through the built-in speaker or headphones
  • Supports Multiple Languages - Choose your language from a wide variety including English, Spanish, French, Korean, Japanese, German and many more
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
All for under fifty bucks !!!!


MOMSWEB said...

Sounds like a deal, Javan. Once you get it, maybe you'll leave my camera alone (smile).

QueenBee said...

Wow. Sounds very impressive. You must have been doing good. Hmmmm!!

MOMSWEB said...

You finally got your MP3 Player and I'm happy you're satisfied with it. Great choice, Javan. You also showed maturity by purchasing the $6 insurance. Accidents happen!