Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools!!!!!

TODAY IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE DAYS OF THE YEAR BECAUSE IT IS APRIL FOOLS!!!!! I HAVE A WHOLE BUNCH OF TRICKS IN MY BAG=].Next week i have to do a play about Easter and i have a very big part. It is about 5 lines long with i don't know how many sentences. this is my favorite prank To do on April fools.

This prank can be accomplished almost anywhere that has a modern sink. All you need is a rubber band in order to pull off this not so dirty deed. With the water faucet turned off, place the rubber band around the spray nozzle (the one with the hose) that sits next to the faucet and in particular make sure the rubber band is around the handle that turns the nozzle on. Now point the nozzle towards yourself.

When the next person comes up to the sink and turns on the water they get soaked by your trap.


MOMSWEB said...

I can't read the prank written in purple. Is this part of the prank - not being able to read it? If so, it's a good one!

jaylan williams said...

you did that on me it did not work.

Sandy said...

Ugh, Donnie and Zak have got me with that one before...I wanted to wring their necks! :-)